Poor Little Rich Girl
Poor Little Rich Girl

Poor Little Rich Girl

Divorced as many times as she married, she leaves only good wishes behind.

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So I’m officially going back to finished my degree at uni. I don’t even know why they asked me to interview because when I got there the course leader said, ‘yeah you can come back,’ before I even said anything.
It was amusing to watch the other interviewees though. It was a group style interview but everybody had there own individual chat infront of everyone else. There were 2 girls that I couldn’t believe had even applied to study fashion of any sort.
Their idea of fashion was going to the £3 rail at H&M because “dey take haute couture an lyk make it high street an affordable an stuff”. Then she was talking about her tumblr “fashun” blog where she reblogs fashion pictures. Thats not an achievement. Babe, you’re not exactly the next Susie Bubble because you can hit the reblog button. On top of that they had no idea what topics the course covers or what jobs you can get at the end of it, no idea about current affairs and how they can and do effect retail and fashion. They couldn’t name any fashion magazines other than Vogue and Elle and I saw the glazed “who?” look when I mentioned Anna Wintour. I just… I can’t even.


Finally watched the full DSquared2 show.
The soundtrack was to die for! Complete with a clip from Girl, Interrupted.
Oh, and the clothes, I suppose they were alright too. Lol.

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